August 2011- Rosarito Peace


La Casa de Mi Padre”

Baja Mexico

Hello everyone;

We returned back from our 1-day trip to Rosarito, Baja Mexico. Our trip leader is Isabel Monje. Her and her husband John started a ministry called “Transformacion Mundial”, Isabel and I first met on a PEACE trip to Ensenada October 2010, led by Mike Constantz, mission’s Pastor for Saddleback Church. During our ride Isabel gave her “van testimony” and what a testimony it is. Also, on the way to Ensenada we stopped off at a plot of land, in a poor area, where Isabel and her husband John plan to open a Community Center called, “La Casa Mi Padre”. After a struggle to get permits, plans submitted and other documents they are ready to build, but need financial help to begin. Below are the renderings of the facility.

One block from the lot is this hermoso vista de Rosarito.

Once a month, Isabel and her husband John open the gates to their land and minister to the surrounding area through local Pastors and their churches. There must have been over a hundred men, women and children in attendance. The young girls from the church, dressed in colorful gowns, performed a “welcome” dance, with live Christian music in front of all the people. Before their performance, they prayed. What a blessing to see young children bow their heads and pray.

You never know who is riding in the van with you that will have a tremendous testimony; like Isabels “van testimony”. This ride was no different. God blessed all of us with our teammate and sister in Christ, Palmira Yosefi , aka Pam.

During the event, Palmira Yosefi gave her testimony in front of everyone as Isabel interpreted. Here is a brief summary of her testimony. She was born in Iran a Muslim. Shortly after birth she required approximately 8 brain surgeries not expecting to survive and if she did, she would be mentally handicapped. At that time she didn’t know that God had a plan for her life. God’s hand was upon her through all the surgeries and He blessed her with good health so that she could live the life of a normal Muslim girl. At the age of 19, she moved to the US by herself with a desire to attend Med school to help children. She was struggling here in the US having several jobs to pay for all her books and living expenses. One of her jobs was at a Wal-Mart. During this time, a person engaged Pam in conversation and over a short period of time she accepted Jesus Christ into her heart; praise God. Her testimony was geared towards the children saying, “God loves you, He is always with you and never give up on God because He never gives up on you”. As you can see from the pictures, Pam got their attention. If you want to experience all that God has and will do through you, come join us for one day in Mexico, especially the “van testimonies”. (Pictures below; Isabel on the left; Pam on the right)

During the performance, the Saddleback team jumped into action and assembled several gifts putting them in bags to give to the children at the end of the event.

Also the local new was on hand to film the event and interview Isabel along with the Mayor of Rosarito. The Mayor thanked Isabel for her dream to help the neighborhood and the city. Isabel told the reporter about the dream God gave her to help the needy physically and spiritually.

After it was all over, we had a terrific taco lunch at a small local taco stand; the best I’ve tasted. I know where it’s at so come on down for some unforgetable tacos. After lunch we took a quick tour of “Rosarito Beach Hotel” and the hermoso playa.

Here are the ladies of our team, +5 men.

My personal hygiene observation in comparison to TJ, Ensenada and San Vincente (1hr sout of Ensenada), I noticed the children looked very healthy (no sores or skin problems), clean and their clothes we in good condition. Even the dogs looked healthy.

My personal Technology observation in comparison to TJ, Ensenada and San Vincente, I noticed there are no water tanks on any of the homes and business buildings. My next trip I will research this further and conduct water testing; should be interesting.
Bendiciones, Phil DeRose

Clean Water Initiative (CWI) Volunteer

A Saddleback Church Ministry

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